Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Writing but Not Posting

Our electronic medical record is great! No, really, I mean it. I love the clarity it provides and I love having all of my colleagues' notes available. Since I am spending my evenings preparing my own progress notes, the turn-around time from appointment to outgoing letter is only a couple of days! That is what the system is supposed to do.


As the new system takes over my life, I find that I am writing less, journal-writing less, emailing less. I guess I get only so many keystrokes in my day before my fingers say, "Enough!" For example, one of my New Patient Consultation notes this week was 1100 words. That's enough for a couple of blog posts.

So, if blog volume is slowing down, maybe it is because my keyboarding duties are picking up. As the medical record transition settles down, I hope my writing returns to the more creative.

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Jabulani said...

I used to be a prolific letter-writer and had lovely flowing script. I wrote by hand because I didn't have computer. With the acquisition of such a beast, I did so much typing that when I came to hand-write something, my fingers gave up in protest. Holding a pen had become a real challenge! Now I purposely write lists upon lists of everything just so's I can get in the practice.

I've missed your posts, so I too hope that your "writing returns to the more creative" :)