Friday, January 2, 2009

The Christmas Poster

We have one more task to complete now that the holidays are behind us.

Several years ago, we began a post-holiday tradition. As we look at the greeting cards for the final time, we gather all of the photos together. The pictures are trimmed and glued to a poster board. We focus on the faces of friends and family. Amazingly, each year the photos we receive just barely fill up the poster board. The board is hung on its own nail on a door in the kitchen where it will stay until the next Christmas.

Represented on the board are relatives from all around the country. There are several current and dearly missed former neighbors. There are friends and aquaintences from school and work. There are several people we haven't seen in years and pictures of many kids that we have never met. To be honest, there are some people pictured that we might not even stop and see if our travels took us through their towns. On the other hand, there are many people with whom we would love to see again and get lost in a long all-night conversation.

A couple of times each week throughout the year, I scan the photos on the board. Sometimes, a relative or friend will come up in conversation and we will look at their photo. Sometimes, I just like to remind myself of how fortunate I am to have known some terrific folks.

Each photo evokes a distinct memory or sentiment. I am so grateful for these people and enjoy having their images close at hand year round.

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rlbates said...

What a wonderful thing to do with the Christmas photos!!!