Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 Medical Weblog Award Finalists Announced

My other blog (Reflections in a Head Mirror) is a finalist for the 2008 Medical Weblog Award in the "Best Literary Medical Weblog" category! Thanks so much to previous winner Ramona for the nomination. I have really enjoyed visiting the other sites on the list. There are some truly amazing stories and gifted writers represented.

If you are interested, voting will take place for the next couple of weeks at the links found here.

It's an honor to be included in a list like this! May the best blogs win!

Best Medical Weblog
Clinical Cases and Images
Clinical Correlations
The Health Care Blog
Kevin, M.D.
WSJ Health Blog

Best New Medical Weblog (established in 2008)
Laika's MedLibLog
Life in the Fast Lane
The New Health Dialogue
Science-Based Medicine

Best Literary Medical Weblog
Notes of an Anesthesioboist
On The Clock
other things amanzi
Reflections by Dr. Bruce Campbell
Running for My Life: Fighting cancer one step at a time

Best Clinical Sciences Weblog
Clinical Cases and Images
Clinical Correlations
scan man's notes

Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog
Better Health
The Last Psychiatrist
Stuart Laidlaw's Medical Ethics blog
Medical Futility
Respectful Insolence

Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog
Clinical Cases and Images
Life as a Healthcare CIO
Ted Eytan, MD

Best Patient's Blog
Alin's Site
Beating Social Anxiety
Brass and Ivory: Life with Multiple Sclerosis
Confessions Of A CF Husband
Duncan Cross
Furious Seasons
Look Me In The Eye
Running for My Life: Fighting cancer one step at a time
Six Until Me
Soulful Sepulcher
Survive the Journey

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