Monday, January 5, 2009

SurgeXperiences 214 is Up!

I spent too much time on it, but it was fun!

SurgeXperiences is a collection of surgically-related blog posts and internet articles that is published every two weeks. I was given the opportunity to compile the "blog carnival" this week.

Blog compilations such as SurgeXperiences and Grand Rounds tend to have a theme. I had been thinking about Joyce Kilmer's poem, "Trees" for several days and decided to build off of that. Happily, the use of verse runs in the family. My mother always seemed to come up with a rhyme when the occasion called for it. I always thought the poems were silly, but, in keeping with the "tree" theme, I guess the apple did not fall far away, did it?

Stop by for a visit at this link.

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